About us

Tavan Tadbir Pouya Group consist of Tavan Tadbir Pouya company (TTP), in Tehran, is the representative of European pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers providing after sale services, engineering, consultancy, execution, validation and also supplier of packaging materials. our company is pioneer in transferring technologies of cell therapy, biotechnology and tissue engineering.

Our partner in the UK is PAP services focusing on transferring new technologies to Iran as well as being representative of pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturers. EME Tech is our office in China and Hive Darou focusing on finished product.

We are proud of having been importing the pharmaceutical industry. Qualified staff and our long experience ensure that our clients receive machines, which are technically in excellent order and can be installed and delivered immediately.

We are always happy to assist in the selection and installation of the most appropriate machines to our customers` requirements by offering high quality in the minimum time and with reasonable price to meet their satisfaction.

Tavan Tadbir Pouya has developed sophisticated tools and solutions that can help pharmaceutical product companies during the entire product development lifecycle, from discovery through post-launch. In addition, we have created databases to be used in benchmarking, customer segmentation, and market analysis.