MAR S.p.a. have a funded tradition into the development of solutions for the manufacture of machines dedicated to filling of pharmaceutical liquid and powder into glass and plastic vials, cartridges, syringes, Combi Machines (Vial & Cartridges, etc.) and other containers for the pharmaceutical field.

Due to the nearly 50 years experience, MAR equipment increases efficiency at every stage of the packaging cycle- cleaning, sterilizing, filling, closing and tray loading. Designed to incorporate quick changeover and flexibility, MAR lines are operating around the world in the:

-          Pharmaceutical Sterile

Stand - alone and integrated lines for washing and depyrogenation, filling and capping for various product types (Vial, Syringe, Cartridge, Combi machines, etc.) with different production speeds. Lines for ophthalmic bottles Powder machines equipped with vacuum system and auger.

-          Pharmaceutical Non-Sterile

Equipment for liquid/powder filling, stand-alone and complete lines for various product types (syrups, droppers, nasal sprays, etc) (dry syrups, anti-asthma, etc.).

-          Biotechnology

Several machine models for micro and macro dosages, both liquid and powder. Shaped bottles, special and out of standard closures, low and high speeds.

-          Diagnostic


-          Animal Health

-          Cosmetic