OMAG with 40 years experience, provides a wide range of vertical and horizontal packaging machines ( STICK PACK, SACHET AND STRIP PACKAGING MACHINES), using continuous and intermittent movements, designed to pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and nutritional sectors.

From the spirit of craftsmanship that gave birth to the company, OMAG inherited the capacity to listen to our customers and adapt to their needs, in order to provide them with a customized product that is reliable, accurate, flexible and robust, capable of reducing maintenance times to a minimum and optimizing productivity.

OMAG machines and lines are operating around the world every day in over 100 countries worldwide on the basis of below ranges:

-          Sachet Packaging Machines (powder & Liquid)

C3 series for packaging products in heat-sealed bags on 4 sides, and CO series for packaging products in heat-sealed bags on 3 and/or 4 sides in doy-packs or stand-up packages

-          Stick Packaging Machines

CS and DIVA series for packaging products in stick packs, machinery for strips and individual items.

-          Complete Lines

 Integrate OMAG packaging machines with product counters, boxing and cartoning units, to create complete automated production lines