Bonfiglioli Engineering

Bonfiglioli Engineering as a member of TASI Group - the largest group in the world uniquely focused on leak testing, measurement, and inspection - Bonfiglioli Engineering is the worldwide leader in Quality Control Solutions for all packaging requirements in Pharmaceutical, Metal Can & Aerosol, Food & Beverage and Plastic markets. 

Today, after over 40 years, by combining development, manufacturing, sales and after-sale service operations, Bonfiglioli Engineering provides its customers dedicated solutions based on quality, innovation, expertise, flexibility and global customer service support.

Bonfiglioli Engineering range of non-destructive, non-invasive deterministic inspection equipment has been developed to test the integrity of pharmaceutical packaging and With over 5000 installations around the world, Bonfiglioli Engineering serves a truly global customer base, making a dramatic impact on the efficiency and the safety of the packaging industry worldwide. 

Bonfiglioli offers a range of machines based on three complementary technologies from lab/IPC appliances to high speed in-line modular systems:

- Container Closure Integrity Testing (Parenteral Vials & Ampoules, Cartridge, PFS, Sachet, BFS and …)

- Automatic Visual Inspection (Ampoules, Vials, Cartridges, Pre-filled syringes, BFS)

- Headspace Gas Analysis (Ampoules, Vials, Cartridges, Pre-filled syringes)